Functional Architecture

Hi all.

As we discussed on today’s architecture call – here are 3 resources which attempt to describe functional workflows… and how digital health architecture can be employed to realize these care delivery processes. Some of these are pretty old… but I hope they’re helpful just the same.

The 3 documents are:

  1. An mHealth Architecture for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH). This was a draft work product developed for the mHealth Alliance in 2011 (before FHIR… and before OpenHIE!). meHealth Framework for MNCH v0.9 (draft for discussion).docx (3.5 MB)
  2. A slide deck that describes a set of workflows representing re-usable patterns that leverage common digital health infrastructure. This was developed to inform some WHO work that PEPFAR was funding related to a digital health guideline for LMICs; it is from 2012 (also before FHIR and at the very early stages of OpenHIE). 12-06-11 Use Case Examples v0.2.pptx (698.2 KB)
  3. A slide deck developed in 2017 for UNICEF; the deck illustrates how a solution architecture (for an immunization registry, for example) leverages and functional architecture… which in turn leverages an enterprise architecture that describes a re-usable digital health infrastructure. 17-11-11 Digital Architecture for Children.pptx (1.6 MB)

All of these artefacts are being posted to help prompt discussion and elaboration of “functional” descriptions of our OpenHIE architecture in terms of a business viewpoint. They will, hopefully, give us a bit of a “walking start”… Comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Derek,

Thanks for sharing the resources. Very helpful!

It will be good to a conversation around the scope of this work – design of an OHIE functional architecture or business viewpoint that can help facilitate a coordination across multiple technology pieces and defines a ‘would-be’ or ‘to-be’ situation. For me, this should drive design and implementation of the technology architecture – would love to hear what everyone thinks of this.

To move forward (if the group agrees) we should discuss the scope and if should focus on developing a generic functional architecture pattern for the health system or have more programme focused ones, like the examples shared of MNCH and child health.


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Hi @derek.ritz

Thanks for sharing. These resources align well with a scenarios document that had already been in the works. Will you please take a stab at inputting these into the format present in the document that outlines OHIE Scenarios. We were looking for use cases to include.

Once it’s completed let me know and we can add review of this document to a call agenda.



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Hi April – I’m very sorry, but re-entering all of the information in these 3 documents into a Google doc is just not something I have time to do right now. I also am not certain that it is a task that moves our discussion forward in any meaningful way… which is all I was trying to do.

Apologies and warmest regards,

Hi @derek.ritz ,

The resources are helpful but in and of themselves not moving the conversation forward. How do you see the resources you provided being synthesized? And by whom? Do you have an alternative suggestion to the google doc or do you agree with @vdwivedi to have an additional scope conversation on a future call?

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