OpenHIE Community Call Follow Up: Feb 4, 2013 (ACTION REQUIRED)


Below are the details from Monday’s OpenHIE Community Call, note the action required section.

OpenHIE Risk Evaluation Survey Tool v3 (survey instrument).xlsm (113 KB)

  1. Risk Assessment Survey (ACTION REQUIRED)

Attached is a Risk Assessment tool. Please take 10/15min to answer the questions using this tool.

The spreadsheets use macros, so please enable. You will answer
ONLY in the yellow highlighted areas using the drop down values.

The only yellow highlighted fields you need to type into is the Date field at the top of each sheet and the Notes field if you want to add comments.

All other yellow highlighted fields have drop down values for you to select.

Please don’t alter or type into any of the other fields.

There are apx 20 questions on each sheet and there are 8 sheets.

Please complete by Tuesday 2/19 and send to Jamie Thomas so we can compile all the results into a dashboard and send out to the group before the next OpenHIE call on 2/25.

Please contact Jamie Thomas or Lorinne Banister if you have any questions.

  1. Call and Mailing List Information (OHIE wiki link) -

There are several community calls happening. To find out what communities there are, what calls they are holding and how to join go out to the OHIE wiki link above.

  1. Minutes & Recording (OHIE wiki link) -

Recordings are located with the notes out on the OHIE wiki. Recordings are deleted after 30 days. You can however download them by right clicking on the link located out on the wiki.

  1. **Next Call February 25th**10:00AM Eastern Standard Time *(see other
    time zones

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