[iheqrphtech:4242] mADX updates

Hi all,
Please see the attached file for the most current updates for mADX. We have time for one more round of revisions so please share your feedback to me or Alex.

We now have a complete-ish example in the appendices of a Measure and MeasureReport version of the QRPH_ADX_ART1_N indicator as defined in the ADX-HIV content profile. The examples are on GitHub or easy reference/fixes. I still need to validate the syntax for them. The reason I said "complete-ish” is that we don’t have the value sets for disaggregation dimensions for agr_group and sex that are defined in the ADX-HIV content profile appendix. In particular we have no identifier (assigning authority / URL) for these value sets which are referenced in the Measure on lines 56 and 62.

**@James and Bob **I would suggest we discuss the value sets/code sets around sex and age_group on the next call……



Note: I accidentally sent this to the Supply Chain OpenHIE group so sorry for the repeat email.

IHE_QRPH_Suppl_mADX_Rev1-0_PC_2019-08-09PubCom.docx (492 KB)


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Subject: [iheqrphtech:4242] mADX updates

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Hi All,

There’s a few simple outstanding issues in mADX remaining mostly around some simple things, like what links to include. We’ve replaced the examples and need to upload them to the FTP site.

Bob has commented that the transactions might be more accurately named as Send Aggregate Report [QRPH-58] and Retrieve
Aggregate Report Definition [QRPH-59]. Awaiting some other feedback from him. Would we be comfortable making this change? We would have have to update the OID registry and the draft profile.The purpose behind the change is that what is being sent may not always be an “indicator” but may be raw data better described as a report using mADX.


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