Workflow engine monitoring and auditing requirements

Hey OpenHIE community,

We (at OpenFn) are building an open source integration platform which can be used as an OpenHIE workflow engine: OpenFn Lightning.

Based on our user research, we’ve understood that being able to monitor and audit all activity around the building and execution of workflows is crucial to our government users. As such, we’re reaching out for feedback to make sure Lightning fits these requirements.

If you have worked with governments in the past, could I ask you to answer two short questions about your satisfaction with auditing user activity and monitoring workflow execution with OpenFn Lightning?

Please answer the two questions in this form:

If you aren’t familiar with our platform, you can watch this 3 minute demo .

Thanks in advance, we greatly appreciate your help in improving this OpenHIE-compliant workflow engine.


@amber are their certain countries and/or organizations you are looking to gain insight from?

Hi Jamie,

Any organisation that has experience working with LMIC governments would be helpful. We’re country-agnostic.