WHO Call for nomination of experts for standards for digital vaccination certificate

The World Health Organization is soliciting proposals for experts to inform the definition of specifications and standards related to interoperability, governance, and design for a personal digital vaccination certificate, in preparation for COVID-19 vaccine availability. Please follow instructions, detailed below, to nominate experts, by 17:00 CET on December 14, 2020.

For WHO to remain software neutral, the Smart Vaccination Certificate approach will focus on establishing key specifications, standards, trust framework for a digital vaccination certificate to facilitate implementation of effective and interoperable digital solutions that support COVID-19 vaccine delivery and monitoring, with intended applicability to other vaccines. With WHO, a number of agencies including UNICEF, GAVI, ITU, and EC DG SANTE are contributing to this initiative to establish a mechanism focused on joint-learning and supporting use of the finalized specifications and standards for digital vaccination certificates, architected for linkage to national and cross-border digital systems.

Should you have questions, please email: smartvaccination@who.int

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