What's the value of OpenHIE?

During this years Virtual Architecture Summit (Read more about the Summit here :slight_smile: ) discussion around clearing up OpenHIE’s value came up. To try and make sure OpenHIE has a value statement that reflects the ideas and opinions of everyone lets discuss it a bit here on our community forum.

First, I’d like to ask for input from the community on what benefit you think OpenHIE provides and the value of that benefit. Below are some we’ve heard before. Do you think something is missing? Is the wording not right? Is there additional value a benefit might bring beyond what is listed?

Benefits & Value

  • Community Approach – active place to learn from others and share knowledge, challenges and solutions. This community approach supports reusability
  • Patterns / Workflows - community develops and synthesizes providing building blocks used to support standards-based health information exchange interactions in support of multiple clinical and health information use cases
  • Standards-Based - a standards-based approach allows for components to be re-used and is designed to minimize challenges in changing architecture components
  • Adaptable Architecture – provide “conceptual” foundation that allows for reuse of systems and data across projects
  • Data Strategies - create a plan for the different types of data needed to support a health information exchange
  • Interchangeable Software Solutions - project teams can see the plan and contribute to the health information infrastructure as they build specific solutions

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  • An incremental approach to maturity - The architectural solution allows countries to adopt solutions to the limitations of their infrastructure and progressively build up over time.