What projects are happening around OpenHIE?

Many of you have asked us what projects are happening in the OpenHIE space? That’s a tough question and we did not really have a good place to begin to answer that questions as a community.

INTRODUCING a new way see what is happening in the OpenHIE space → Field Notes

This is a first attempt at crowdsourcing the creation of a list of projects that community members are hearing about and participating in. You have articulated the importance of creating a list that is useful to the community. We are starting small and simple. It’s ok if the information is not perfect the first time it is noted, we will look to the crowd (YOU) to correct and enhance the information.

How can you help us all wrap our minds around all of the great work happening in the community?

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We hope this is helpful and we are excited to see your participation and get your feedback and input. Log your project today → Field Notes