Virtual Connectathon Framing and Ideas

To: @patric.prado @vshioshvili @lduncan @daniel.futerman and anyone else who wants to jump in

Let’s get some energy and thinking started about what a virtual connectathon could be! @patric.prado @vshioshvili @lduncan @daniel.futerman thanks for volunteering to take the lead in forming a proposal on how we might move forward.

If you could propose a structure for doing a virtual connectathon and maybe answer questions like:

  • Number of hours?
  • How would the zoom/virtual connection work?
  • What type of problems do people want to work on?
  • When might be a good time?
  • What would we want to accomplish

Please jump in and get the conversation started. If you can create a draft to share with the Architecture / DevOps communities, that would be perfect to get us all moving.


Thank you Jennifer!

See some familiar names. I’m wondering if maybe we would be more comfortable setting up a brief 30 minute call to discuss our ideas? Happy to send out a doodle if so? If not on here is fine as well.

@daniel.futerman I know we might working on mutual objectives for DISI connectathon as part of our SOW in the TAP project at the end of the fiscal year. @vshioshvili we touched base on your project with DASH.


Hi all – I’m connecting in @janflowers (OpenMRS), Amit Trivedi (HIMSS/IHE-USA) and Alexander Berler (IHE Services), who may be able to help inform this process. :blush: Jan and her team are helping establish a FHIR-based “Projectathon” test platform for the upcoming North American Connectathon, Mar-1-5. IHE has been hosting Connectathon events for over 20 years and have many lessons learned. Also… Alexander and his team will be hosting their second “online” Connectathon in a few weeks, and there are ways the Gazelle platform is evolving to better accommodate this mode of event hosting.

I look forward to the contributions these teammates can make to OpenHIE’s plans.

Warmest regards, and stay safe and well, everyone,


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Thanks @dritz let us know what you find out.

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Thanks @dritz ! Grace Potma of OpenMRS was at the Summit and plans to come back to the architecture group after IHE connectathon (maybe April-ish) to share their experience, see this being part of a call.

Thanks, Jamie – that’s wonderful. We had a planning session today on this topic. I’m hoping we can make really good progress next week… and onward through the upcoming HL7 FHIR Connectathon and IHE EU Connectathon!

On today’s Architecture call there was some discussion about a connectathon with the FHIR community. Let’s rekindle this discussion on what we want to accomplish and engage the FHIR community as appropriate.

Hi all – there was a terrific demo of “OpenHIE on FHIR” at least week’s IHE North American Connectathon. It leveraged a technology stack featuring OpenMRS operating as the point of service solution with OpenHIM, OpenCR and HAPI FHIR playing the “IL-and-above” roles. The IHE team has committed to maintaining the VM with this reference instance through the upcoming HL7 FHIR Connectathon (May) and the IHE European Connectathon (June) so that work in developing a reference implementation / conformance-test platform can progress from event to event. :blush:

Yes it was an excellent presentation @dritz . As you all are working towards those connectathons, should we discuss whether we want to still have a more OpenHIE organized one? I see the value in it, but also recognize that we might be splitting up the same talent pool to achieve multiple goals?

Yes, we are interested in discussing an OpenHIE connectathon. There was discussion about it today in the OHIE Architecture community. I replied to your earlier post with some info from today’s discussion.

Great thanks. I’ll look over the notes to see what was discussed. It would be good to schedule a call if you all think a doodle poll would be helpful? Or when are folks more generally avaialble?

I think we should add this to the DevOps agenda (call schedule). @carl and @daniel.futerman does that work for you? @patric.prado if that time works, pick a date and add it to the agenda.

That sounds like a good idea @jennifer.e.shivers ; happy to see it on the next call

Yep, would be great to pick this up on the next DevOps call.

Sure added to April 5th!



RE: Connectathon

We did not get to complete our discussion in the DevOps Community this week. It seems like we are actually interested in doing a “hackathon” (an event where we are creating code to accomplish some mission/missions). That is the type of event that we have done in the past. That leads me to the following questions:

  1. Are you interested in an event that is generating code to solve some issue or challenge?
  2. Please provide input on the goals that you would like to accomplish at an event such as a hackathon or connectathon.
  3. Is there specific timing or project related needs for this type of event?

Thanks for the input as we try to formulate a plan.

Yes, UCSF is currently coordinating with Jembi and path to develop some materials related to a proposed hackathon. We are developing a reference application for OpenMRS 3.0 focused on HIV Care and treatment, along with Jembi who is developing a standards-compliant data centralization workflow to support HIV case based surveillance. I believe our preliminary timeline is 09/2021.

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