Virtual Connectathon Framing and Ideas

To: @patric.prado @vshioshvili @lduncan @daniel.futerman and anyone else who wants to jump in

Let’s get some energy and thinking started about what a virtual connectathon could be! @patric.prado @vshioshvili @lduncan @daniel.futerman thanks for volunteering to take the lead in forming a proposal on how we might move forward.

If you could propose a structure for doing a virtual connectathon and maybe answer questions like:

  • Number of hours?
  • How would the zoom/virtual connection work?
  • What type of problems do people want to work on?
  • When might be a good time?
  • What would we want to accomplish

Please jump in and get the conversation started. If you can create a draft to share with the Architecture / DevOps communities, that would be perfect to get us all moving.


Thank you Jennifer!

See some familiar names. I’m wondering if maybe we would be more comfortable setting up a brief 30 minute call to discuss our ideas? Happy to send out a doodle if so? If not on here is fine as well.

@daniel.futerman I know we might working on mutual objectives for DISI connectathon as part of our SOW in the TAP project at the end of the fiscal year. @vshioshvili we touched base on your project with DASH.


Hi all – I’m connecting in @janflowers (OpenMRS), Amit Trivedi (HIMSS/IHE-USA) and Alexander Berler (IHE Services), who may be able to help inform this process. :blush: Jan and her team are helping establish a FHIR-based “Projectathon” test platform for the upcoming North American Connectathon, Mar-1-5. IHE has been hosting Connectathon events for over 20 years and have many lessons learned. Also… Alexander and his team will be hosting their second “online” Connectathon in a few weeks, and there are ways the Gazelle platform is evolving to better accommodate this mode of event hosting.

I look forward to the contributions these teammates can make to OpenHIE’s plans.

Warmest regards, and stay safe and well, everyone,


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Thanks @dritz let us know what you find out.

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Thanks @dritz ! Grace Potma of OpenMRS was at the Summit and plans to come back to the architecture group after IHE connectathon (maybe April-ish) to share their experience, see this being part of a call.

Thanks, Jamie – that’s wonderful. We had a planning session today on this topic. I’m hoping we can make really good progress next week… and onward through the upcoming HL7 FHIR Connectathon and IHE EU Connectathon!