V1.1 and Use Cases for FRED Tech Call Today

We are looking forward to today’s join today’s open discussion on the FRED technical discussion via Google Hangout. The discussion will be held Thursday, January 24th at @ PST-8:00, EDT-11:00, UTC-15:00,
CET-16:00, SAST-17:00. The Google Hangout invite and link will be sent out before the discussion today. Please let me know at keisling.kelly@nethope.org if you need me to patch you in at a particular phone number.

V1.1 of the API is available at


Topics on the API include id (uid) issue and creating / updating facilities.

In addition to discussion of the FRED API, the agenda will cover use cases for the client reference implementation. To view Dimagi’s draft use cases, please see


Comments on the use cases are welcome on today’s discussion or through the FRED listserv.

The Github repository for the draft facility registry API is at: https://github.com/facilityregistry/fred-api/

Issues are posted at https://github.com/facilityregistry/fred-api/issues

The formal API 1.0 is at https://github.com/facilityregistry/docs

Further technical documents are stored at https://confluence.dimagi.com/display/facilityregistry/Technical+Materials

A broader introduction to the facility registry effort is available at https://confluence.dimagi.com/display/facilityregistry/Facilities+Registry

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