Upcoming Webinars (Digital Tools for COVID-19 Response and FHIR® Profiling & Documentation) & New Resource on Market Analytics from Digital Square

Upcoming Webinar: Adapting and scaling digital tools for COVID-19 response or Using Existing Digital Tools for COVID-19 Response: Digital Square’s Map & Match Project.

May 25, 2021 | 9 am ET/ 3 pm SAST / 10 pm SGT

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Please join USAID and Digital Square on May 25 at 9AM Eastern to learn about Map and Match, a project designed to helps countries, donors, implementing partners, and the global digital health community learn about, adapt, and scale existing digital tools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this session, we will share with you the resources developed throughout this project including country briefs, the Digital Tools and Applications across and Epidemiological Curve, a new Framework for Understanding Scale of Digital Health Tools, and much more. We will discuss how all these resources can help country governments, investors, and NGO partners answer crucial questions such as:

  • How can digital tools support in the COVID-19 response?
  • How do I know which tools are already in my country?
  • Who do I contact to help adapt and scale tools for COVID-19?
  • Who are the partners working in a specific country for essential coordination and collaboration?
  • For future assessments, what tools are recommended?

We will be recording this session and posting the slides and webinar recording to the Digital Square website.

Upcoming Webinar: FHIR® Profiling & Documentation

May 26, 2021 | 8-10 am ET/ 2-4 pm SAST/ 9-11 pm SGT
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In this webinar we’ll explore the basics for creating and documenting a FHIR® specification for a project, a country, or an individual application. We’ll see how the FHIR® specification can be extended and constrained to support specific needs. After identifying what is contained in a FHIR® specification, we’ll see how such specifications are documented, and how this is done in a good way to accelerate delivery through validation, testing, and automation. We’ll remember some of the basic FHIR® features around localization and multi-language which become more important when implementing FHIR® profiles.

To accompany these webinars, Digital Square is also hosting monthly FHIR®-side chats starting on May 14 at 9 am ET/ 3 pm SAST. Register for these chats here.

New Resource: Market Analytics to better understand the digital health landscape

Last week, the Atlantic published an article summarizing select key insights from our research, and we launched a market analytics resource page that provides more in-depth information, where we will continue to make findings publicly available for the community. Our hope is two-fold—first, that the Atlantic article opens a series of conversations in the coming month about how to approach digital transformation of health systems in low-resource settings and helps align major decision-makers on how digital can help- rather than hinder- health equity. Second, that the market analytics resource page supports the digital health community by offering a common evidence base around market barriers and opportunities to digital transformation, and strengthens alignment, trust and coordinated action within our own community. We hope you will take the opportunity to read and reflect on the information we have collected.