Upcoming OHIE-SC topics

Hi All,

Craig, Josh and I would like your input on the proposed list of topics for the subcommunity. Our goal is to refine the OHIE-SC roadmap and set out a good agenda for the next few months. Feel free to reply by email with input or leave comments in the OHIE-SC Roadmap Wiki page.

  • Facility Registry alignment
    • Include supply chain concepts into OHIE Facility Registry: GLNs, including all facilities that can hold stock (warehouses not just SDPs), hierarchies (perhaps multiple), connecting supply chains (facility X is supplied for Family Planning products from warehouse Y, for vaccines from warehouse Z), etc.
  • LMIS-HMIS Interoperability
    • OpenLMIS (gap project) is scoping interoperability and will share requirements with OHIE-SC (this will become an OHIE-SC workflow)
    • Discuss: (1) KPIs that add value; (2) architecture of how data is exchanged; (3) metadata alignment; (4) use cases/workflows; (5) good/better/best approaches.
    • Loop in work underway in countries: Malawi, Angola, and Tanzania.
  • Product Registry / Product Master Data "source of truth"
    • Define stakeholders and define the problem
    • Provide working definition of a Product Registry and of the value of a Product Registry at multiple levels
  • Capacity Building
    • Introduction/education on Supply Chain for Health Domain Professionals
      • Include educational materials on GS1 standards and how it applies; OpenLMIS v3 Commodity Model; why move from a flat Product List to a GS1 Commodity Model.
  • Identify Next Steps - what work needs to be done to develop working reference software?
    Any input on these topics for our subcommunity? Is anything missing?


P.S. Our next meeting is in 2 weeks, on Friday, October 19.