Tomorrow's community call (28.6) - follow-up of the previous call

Dear openHMIS community members,

Tomorrow is our bi-weekly HMIS community call :). As usual at 14:00 CET / 12:00 UTC / 08:00 EST.

(check your time according to your time zone)


Suggested agenda (based on the previous call - notes:

  1. recap : What inputs could we provide to the IHE QRPH technical committee regarding a transport protocol for ADX messages? NOTE: IHE will favour the selection of a standard with guidance on how to use it, but not the making of a new one.

  2. recap :what authentication/authorization framework will we expect DHIS2 to favour for API-based data submissions? Presently, DHIS2 seems to be using BASIC AUTH (username and password submitted in the HTTP header). Might we also support alternatives such as PKI or SAML, etc.? Support for PKI-based authentication/authorization would fit well with an OpenHIE-based implementation since PKI certificates are required for OpenHIE nodes (because of IHE’s ATNA specifications).

  3. review IHE’s XUA: which is based on SAML

  4. Community calls in July


If you would prefer to dial in please see below.

Dial Toll Free Number:

US: 800-220-9875

Norway: 800-142-85

Ireland: 800-625-002

Canada: 800-221-8656

South Africa 0-800-982-555

International (Not Toll-free) 1-302-709-8332

For additional toll free country numbers follow this link:

Access Code: 63535607#


The collaborative notes will be completed during the call here: collaborative notes for the call of June 28

Make sure you have this page opened during our call, so you can add your comments and contribute to the notes.

Talk to you,