The Master Facility List Resource Package

Guidance for
countries wanting to strengthen their Master Facility List

The Demographic and
Health Surveys (DHS) Program and the World Health Organization
(WHO) are announcing a new, free resource
package to provide guidance for countries to establish or strengthen their Master
Facility List (MFL). This package describes the elements needed to have a
functional MFL, including a governance structure, a comprehensive and
up-to-date facility list, and a software platform. The resource package also
covers roles for the MFL within a Health Information Exchange; key decisions
during the planning and implementation phases; best practices for establishing,
maintaining, and sharing an MFL; and resource needs.

Developed by The DHS Program, the resource package builds on
WHO draft guidance documents and the Open Health Information Exchange facility
registry guide. It reflects extensive stakeholder inputs and resources from
individuals with MFL implementation experience in a variety of countries. The
package is also a product of the Health Data Collaborative, a global network of
partners working to strengthen country-led health information systems.

The resource package can be downloaded from WHO’s website at