The Business Case for Digital Health in LMICs

Hi all – on today’s OpenHIE Community meeting there was a terrific presentation related to eRegister and HIE work in Lesotho, and re: the establishment of a SIG devoted to evaluating the “value” of HIEs. This note is related to this latter item.

In 2017, I helped facilitate a workshop at the AeHIN General Meeting in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. With participating from about a dozen MOH representatives from the Asia-Pacific region, we leveraged a spreadsheet-based cost-benefit tool to evaluate the impact (over a 10-year horizon) of various digital health interventions.

Here is a PPT presentation related to this work; it is a deck I used to give a “lunch and learn” webinar to health informatics colleagues in Canada: I’ll look for a copy of the spreadsheet tool that we leveraged for the workshop (the example scenario pertained to an immunization use case for a fictional country about the size of Myanmar). When I find this I’ll share it, too.

I hope this is helpful to the community and welcome any questions or comments.
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