Summary update from todays OHIN-Afro-Asia call 03 May 2017

Good morning all!

Today we had the 2nd of our OHIN Asia/Africa (its fair to write it that way as the Asian community have been extremely strong in being present today). We are starting to bring the teams up to taking notes: and encourage all to watch the recording when it is loaded from the AeHIN team.


Alvin gave an overview of the approach followed in designing a national level HIE and how/where OpenHIE fits into this. There were some great points about the broader governance structures and ideas that need to be in place and what the Philippines team have used to support this. This presentation prompted a range of questions from how do groups get involved from other countries, what are the key requirements a country needs to adopt OpenHIE, what are the competencies needed to support this type of work as well as where do technologies like blockchain fit in.

I was also interesting to hear and list off the current work that is going on around implementations between the regions.

The next call is scheduled on the 17 May and it will be titled:
Introductoin to the OpenHIE Interoperability Layer (IOL) and reference technology (OpenHIM)
This discussion will look at the architectural component of the interoperability layer (IOL), its role and function within the OpenHIE architecture. We will be introducing the functional specification document (a working document) outlining the functions and requirements of an IOL that is supportive of the OpenHIE architecture and provide an overview of the current IOL reference techology, the OpenHIM (

Page link:

We really want to encourage the community, particularly those on the African Continent to bookmark this date and time in your calendars 17 May 2017 9am GMT+2 and join us as we start to talk about how we all apply these approaches to our work. These are open calls and we encourage all to join.

Please share the invitation with your collegues and friends who may find value in this.

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