Stored Queries Reload from disc function on UI

Hi Michal,

Sorry that you are looking at out-of-date documentation. We have reengineered how stored queries are loaded within OpenInfoMan so that the BaseX can be better optimize their execution (in particular when parallelizing expensive functions).

Currently there is no web interface to reload stored queries. If you are running OpenInfoMan using the Ubuntu packaging, you should be able to (re)load a stored function by doing the following:

cd /var/lib/openinfoman && sudo -u oi resources/scripts/install_stored_function.php /path/to/your/stored_function.xml

This will result in two things:

  • Installation of XQuery module that acts as a wrapper for the stored function somewhere under /var/lib/openinfoman/repo/com/github/openhie/openinfoman/stored-function. The somewhere depends on the name of the stored function, for example urn-ihe-iti-csd-2014-stored-function-facility-search.xqm
  • Installation of RestXQ module for the stored function under /var/lib/openinfoman/webapp to handle inbound requests. For example take a look at page_urn:ihe:iti:csd:2014:stored-function:facility-search.xqm which will use the XQuery module created above.

If you can tell me more about what you are trying to do, I can give you some more specific information. I would also recommend you join the ihris slack team:

Here, there is an #interlinked-registry channel we can use.




On Apr 6, 2017, at 4:37 AM, Michal Kus wrote:

Dear all,

I have a problem with stored queries in OpenInfoMan. I can`t find this option to reload them from disk as it is described here: and I have always 0 of them on Server Managament/Manage Stored Functions page. All help woll be appreciate.

Thank you very much.


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