Steven Wanyee and Carl Fourie on Open-Source today at Global Digital Health Forum!

Steven Wanyee, of Kenya Health Informatics Association, and @carl Fourie, of Digital Square, spoke on today’s plenary “Local Teams: The Engine that Drives Digital Health” at the Global Digital Health Forum about open-source, following a question about where the short-comings are and what is the cost of “free”.

Both speakers spoke to the benefits of open-source tools. Steven spoke to the vast benefits he has witnessed in his work, as well of the need for qualified people that are committed to implementing the solutions as a part of the true cost of open-sources. Carl reminded the audience there is a need to focus on those who are being served by these tools and how it promotes the possibility of choice for country implementations.

What are the benefits and short-comings you have witnessed?

Catch more of Carl Fourie on a similar topic at the GDHF session, The Hidden Cost of Free: Exploring the Challenge of Sustainability for Global Goods.