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Thanks for starting this up. I think 2) is a very important one, and one that would be very beneficial to get the OpenMRS community’s input on. Here are some things that I know about that would be useful to discuss in this regard:

  • Does the OpenMRS want to support an OpenMRS core platform that can be used as the base for an EMR and a SHR or is their main focus on EMR use cases. (in the case of the latter we may have to consider a fork)
  • Improving performance (currently large CDA documents can take up to 10s or more to process):
  • One of the key bottle necks that we are experiencing is with the OpenMRS validators. It would be great to get feedback form the community if we can work with them to make either allow validators to be disabled or to allow them to be replaced with custom implementations and coming up with with a standard best practice to do this.
  • Another key bottle neck are database indexes (or lack thereof) that don’t suit how the system is used when it acts as a SHR. What would be the best way to re-index, or change the database structure to suit a SHR for SHR implementations. What is the best way to alter the DB for SHR implementations only?
  • How can we relax constraints on patient demographic information, eg when a patient doesn’t have a name or date of birth. Is this something OpenMRS want to support?
    Otherwise, it looks like you are set and have the correct idea on what to discuss :slight_smile:




On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 3:16 PM, Hannes Venter wrote:

Hi Guys,

To pickup this topic from the the SHR call last week - several of the Jembi team is going to be at the OpenMRS conference next week and this would be a great opportunity to try discuss the SHR while there!

The goals as I see them would be:

  1. Give feedback to the community regarding the latest developments
  1. Discuss “issues” and “wants” and see if we can get any support regarding these
  1. Provide support to anyone interested in using the SHR or OpenHIE in general
  1. Future plans and roadmap

I’ll try to do my best to cover these goals as far as I’m able, but would definitely appreciate any help in terms of articulating these (esp. goal 2 from @Justin’s side), or mentioning if there’s anything else we need to be thinking about, or topics you’d be interested for us to try take forward while there?

Goal 1) should be okay, but to clarify, we currently support (to be tested at connectathon):

  • Import of the following CDA content profiles using XDS.b:

Antepartum Summary

Antepartum History & Physical

Immunization Content

  • We also support

On Demand Document generation

Medical Summaries

History & Physical

Generic import of level 2 documents

So yeah, please send me your thoughts.

There are of course no guarantees that we’ll be able to cover everything and plus I’m a bit unfamiliar with their conferencing style, so I’m not sure how well I’ll adapt! But I’m certain there will be interest, esp. following Ryan’s involvement at last year’s conference. We’ll therefore try to be over-prepared :slight_smile:

Important wiki pages I’ve been reading through:


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