SHR & HIM Discussion Jembi @ Regenstrief

Hi all,

Thanks to all of those that participated in our lengthy discussion of the OpenSHR and the OpenHIM. This was a highly beneficial call. Hannes and I have added to the documentation about the OpenSHR project to highlight and explain the major points made on the call yesterday. There are now available as a google doc to allow further collaboration.

Please note that this documentation is a stick man and any help, comments, criticisms and additions would be much appreciated Lets try iterate on this as a community! Please can anyone interested comment on the documents and note things that should be discussed or considered. If you would like to edit the document directly just let us know and we can give you privileges to do so.

You can find the google doc here:

The next call is scheduled for tomorrow at 9am EST. Please could everyone planning on attending read through this documentation and we can use this as a base for the call tomorrow.

Hope to see you all there!