Share Your Thoughts! Academy Live Session Focus for #OHIE24 (Sri Lanka - November 2024)

The planning team for the ohie24 community meeting is currently working on developing an exciting agenda for participants who join us in Sri Lanka in November! (More details coming soon).

One event we’re excited to bring back is the Academy Live session. This activity is an opportunity for participants to quickly build a foundation of knowledge around a topic. In the past, the main learning outcomes have been focused on building a foundational understanding of HIE and the OpenHIE Community. This year, we’re hoping to provide that knowledge in advance of the meeting and use this time to dive deep into a specific area of HIE.

We want to hear from YOU - the community! What health information exchange topics are you wanting to learn more about?

For example, are you wanting to spend this session learning more about health standards, patient identity linking, or even FHIR use in health information systems, etc.? What would you want this session to cover to best help you in your work?