Setting up OpenHIE

Hi all,

We have been getting some requests on how to get the OpenHIE reference applications setup. So, I have started a page on the wiki where we can start to capture this setup and configuration. I have provided some very basic details on how to get started but perhaps each community could add the bits that are relevant to their tool, and how to get it setup for OpenHIE (we can also evolve this over time)

The page can be found here:

As Justin mentioned on the call yesterday we will also need a document that describes how to configure OpenHIE without referring to any specific application, perhaps this can be distilled out of this concrete documentation as it evolves.

I have also pointed readers of the how-to at the various communities where I don’t know information relating to that tool. If any questions do get asked, I’d suggest that rather than writing a big email, rather edit this page with the relevant information and point them back there.




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