Seeking use cases to prototype for interoperability between data collection tool and HAPI FHIR

Does your organization have a real-world use case for sending data from a data collection tool to the HAPI FHIR server?

In partnership with Digital Square and FCDO COVIDaction, OpenFn has been investing in its open source integration toolkit to provide robust integration solutions that can connect any digital health system and be rapidly implemented on any server, in any country, by any organization. (Learn more at

We seek to enhance the value of the Instant OpenHIE project by developing a package that will include OpenFn/microservice as an integration pathway for connecting with the OpenHIE architecture. To prototype our OpenFn - Instant OpenHIE package, we are seeking use cases from health implementers that may need to integrate their existing health information and point of service systems with their national HIS.

At present, based on conversations with Jembi Health Systems and some of the OpenHIE team at Regenstrief, OpenFn plans to demonstrate at least one of the following in addition to other use cases submitted by the broader community:

  1. Instant OpenHIE with an OpenFn/microservice which ingests data from mobile data collection app (e.g., ODK, CommCare, and Kobo) and then transforms this data to become FHIR compliant before sending it to the HAPI FHIR server.
  2. Instant OpenHIE with an OpenFn/microservice which ingests data from the above mentioned applications and then loads it directly to a HAPI FHIR server.

We welcome your ideas and it would be great to build a solution for a real-world requirement, if available. Please comment below or contact to share any use cases for us to consider in this first reference implementation, as well as for future prototypes. Thanks for reading!

Read on for more on the Instant OpenHIE package and reference implementation…
The aim is to enhance the value of Instant OpenHIE by providing another option for robust information processing, integration, and business process automation. When deploying Instant OpenHIE, implementers will now have the option to include OpenFn as a component…

  • OpenFn may be used as a “mediator” (see OpenHIE library of existing mediators) to quickly transform and map data to the OpenHIE architecture
  • OpenFn may also be used as a workflow engine to automate complex business logic alongside OpenHIM and the OpenHIE stack.

Example use cases:

  • As a community health implementer, I want to integrate my CommCare case management application used by CHWs with the national patient registry, so that I can develop a shared health record and automate reporting pipelines.
  • As a large health services provider, I want to integrate data from my network of rural health clinics with the national facility registry, so that I can share updates on available facilities and resources to my MOH partner in real-time.
  • As a health implementer, I want to integrate my existing application with the national HIS, but I want to apply the FHIR standard to my data collected before sharing to adhere to compliance and reporting requirements.

Selected use cases will be implemented to demonstrate how OpenFn and Instant OpenHIE may help quickly, cost effectively, and securely achieve these integration and information exchange requirements. Use case selection will be based on the relevance of the requirement across the OpenHIE community, as well as the availability of Instant OpenHIE environments for the prototype.