SanteSuite OPO Submittal for Review


We’ve received SanteSuite’s formal interest to become an OpenHIE Partnership Organization (OPO). Attached you will find SanteSuite’s capability statement and their completed OpenHIE Partnership Agreement.

Next steps for leadership to take ;

  1. Review SanteSuite’s capability statement.
  1. After reviewing if you would like to make a motion in favor of SanteSuite as an OPO you can do so on this thread, the motion will then need to be seconded by another organization on this thread as well.

Note, SanteSuite has been invited to join our OpenHIE Leadership Call on Monday, June 21 to share how/why SanteSuite would like to engage with OpenHIE so consensus can be made on the call as well.

@dalmolin @justin-fyfe

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I would like to make a motion in favor of accepting SanteSuite as an OPO.

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I would happily second that motion. :blush:

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