Sandbox Refresh - INPUT REQUESTED

We are doing a refresh of what has historically been called the OHIE “sandbox community”. Because the needs have evolved over time, the first step is to be explicit about the strategic goals of the “sandbox community”. At the last Sandbox Community meeting, it was determined that we would circulate a list of strategic goals that the sandbox community has evolved / needs to evolve to support and share them for feedback. I have captured what I have heard to date in this document. Please provide feedback in the document by the June 6th Sandbox call. Once we are aligned on “what” the sandbox does, we can re-name the community and talk about “who” will begin drafting or evolving the “how”.


Note: I was also asked to assess if these goals related to Mohawk’s four “T” service offerings. The goals of Mohawk are different from the sandbox, but there is synergy. I tried to note what I thought the overlaps might be. I’m sure that once we agree on “what” the sandbox community needs to do, the alignment will be more clear.