RFP: e-Health platform for private sector - Afghanistan

Sharing this recently released RFP:

The USAID funded Local Health System Sustainability Project, (LHSS) project for Afghanistan is seeking the services of a specialized firm to assess, design and implement an integrated e-health platform covering B2B (e-learning and emergency/complicated case consultations), B2C (basic parameter testing, tele-consultation and prescription), and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) services with selected 6 LHSS grantees and their network of private providers (Community Health Workers, Community Midwives, General Practitioners and Family medicine experts) and partner/referral health facilities.

You can find the RFP here: Developing Integrated e-Health Platform to Increase Access to and Affordability of Quality Healthcare through the Private Sector among Low-Income Afghan Families | Local Health System Sustainability Project (lhssproject.org).

Please reach out to me or Miquel Sitjar (miquel_sitjar@abtassoc.com) if you have questions