Revised request for proposals to remotely support a Haitian implementation of OpenHIE

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We revised the Statement of Work that was originally released in December. The statement of work has been changed as has the funding ceiling.

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The University of Washington/International Training and Education Center for Health (UW/I-TECH)****is soliciting proposals from potential vendors to provide services for the software development and implementation of the national health infrastructure in Haiti.

This solicitation is open to those Consultants/Vendors that satisfy the minimum qualifications stated in the RFP and that are available for remote work to be deployed in Haiti. UW/I-TECH began working in Haiti in 2004 at the invitation of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Haitian Ministry of Health (known by its French acronym MSPP). The principal areas of expertise include clinical mentoring, pre-service and in-service training and health information systems. Since 2005, UW/I-TECH has provided technical assistance to the MSPP to build the electronic medical record (EMR), iSanté. Over the past ten years, iSanté has become the national EMR in Haiti. In 2014, stakeholders reviewed the system and evaluated how best to ensure its sustainability. CDC and UW/I-TECH agreed to rebuild iSanté on an OpenMRS platform branded as iSantéPlus. After strategic planning and design, software development began mid-2016. I-TECH determined the best way forward in regards to the iSanté consolidated server functionality was to design and develop a National Health Infrastructure (NHI) to facilitate the data exchange at the national level. The NHI includes a master client index and fingerprinting system that supports unique patient identification, a shared health record that collects clinical encounters and laboratory orders for all patients in the country and a health management information system that supports national data aggregation, information management and reporting. The NHI will replace the current iSanté consolidated server and will implement reference technologies based on the work done by the Open Health Information Exchange (OpenHIE) community. The operational environment and proposed solution is documented in Attachment B to the RFP titled Functional Requirements of the National Health Infrastructure in Haiti.

Timetable: (Issue of REVISED RFP: Wednesday, February 1, 2017)

Closing Date for Inquiries: Monday, February 6, 2017

Due Date for Proposals: Wednesday, February 15, 2017

All inquiries concerning this RFP should be addressed to the RFP Coordinator:
Joanna Diallo, RFP Coordinator

Consultant Instructions:**Send Proposal to: