Request to participate in the Wellcome project ‘Sustainable Translation of Digital Health Technologies from Academia'

Good afternoon,

My name is Nicola Telfer and I am a Project Manager at the Christabel Pankhurst Institute for Health Technology Research and Innovation, working alongside with Carnall Farrar (CF), a healthcare consulting and data innovation company based in London. We currently undertaking a research project to understand the “Sustainable Translation of Digital Health Technologies” on behalf of the global charity, Wellcome.

The aim of the team at Wellcome is to understand why many promising ‘academic digital health technologies’ fail to translate into usable, readily available products. We are conducting research to understand the barriers that prevent successful translation, and Wellcome are interested to know how they could act to improve success rates for the translation of digital tools from academic projects.

As part of this work we are sending a survey out to stakeholders and networks within the digital health space, particularly those with experience and knowledge within the space of translation of academic digital health technologies. We would like to hear insights from individuals / research groups within your networks through this short survey. The survey takes roughly 10 – 15 minutes to complete and is through Microsoft Forms.

If you are interested, it would be great if you could fill out and distribute this: Microsoft Forms

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