Reminder: Interoperability Layer community call at 4 pm CAT and 9 am EDT Tuesday 25 November 2014 Passcode: 61489468#

Hi everyone

Just a reminder that the Interoperability Layer call is today at 4pm CAT / 09 am EST

Please note the earlier start time for those in the EST time zone as a result of the end of day light savings.


  1. Implementation update

  2. Connect-a-thon testing and integration testing for OpenHIE

  3. How to engage the implementer community

  4. AOB - please let us know if you would like to add anything to the agenda

Please remember to sign in on the Etherpad here:

Call Details:

Dial 800-220-9875(US)

   0800-982-555 (SA) 

Code 61489468#




Joan Africa-Brown

Project Assistant | Jembi Health Systems | SOUTH AFRICA

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