Reminder: Interoperability Layer community call at 4 pm CAT and 10 am EDT Tuesday 28 October 2014 Passcode: 61489468#

Hi everyone

Just a reminder that the Interoperability Layer call is today at 4pm CAT / 10 am EDT, and today’s agenda is:


  1. Development update

  2. Point of care Community - looking at the needs/requirements from POC systems(including mHealth apps) and patterns of interacting with the IOL

  3. Design discussion for ICP (Integrated Care Pathways )workflow

  4. Any other issues

Please remember to sign in on the Etherpad here:

Call Details:

Dial 800-220-9875(US)

   0800-982-555 (SA) 

Code 61489468#

Please note that the time for the next IOL call will revert to 9 am EST from 11th November.

Best regards


Linda Taylor
Jembi Health Systems- Technical Project Coordinator
Skype: linda.jembi