REMINDER: Interoperability Layer community call at 4 pm CAT and 10 am EDT Tuesday 18 March Passcode: 61489468#

Hi All

Just a reminder that the next Interoperability Layer community call will take place tomorrow Tuesday 18th March **at 4 pm CAT and 10 am EDT. **

**Please note the later starting time for those of you in the U.S. **

The latest draft of the Vision, Mission and Values document is attached here for review. Many thanks to those of you who have already responded - it seems as though we are close to reaching a consensus. Please remember to add your criticisms directly to the document and **send back to me ONLY at **


****· Vision, Mission and Values

· Choosing 2 individuals to represent their
community on the architecture review board

· OpenHIM core development progress

· [Community to choose which workflows are
most important to discuss first]

Discussion of save
encounter workflow

§ Walk through workflow

§ How should we involve other communities

of security workflows

§ Walk through both workflows

§ How should we involve other communities

Please remember to sign in to the collaborative notepad.

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140314 OHIE-IL One Text v3 Draft.docx (22.8 KB)


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