Relationship Between OpenHIE and IHE

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I just need to understand better if theres any existing relationShip between OpenHIE and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise .

Is OpenHIE a memeber organisation in IHE ??


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Hi @mozzy – yes, there is an ongoing relationship between the OpenHIE community and IHE, but no, OpenHIE is not a body corporate and so is not, in its own right, a member organization of IHE. That said, many of the organizations in our community (including Regenstrief, IntraHealth, PATH, CDC, HiSP, and others) are longstanding and active IHE members.

A number of individuals in the OpenHIE community have participated in leadership positions within IHE’s technical committees and led or co-led the development of IHE Profiles (interoperability specifications) that are of particular importance to OpenHIE’s mission of supporting large scale health data sharing in low-resource environments. There has been a particular focus, these last few years, on the development of specs based on the new HL7 FHIR family of standards. Importantly, our community is also becoming directly involved in the development of these underlying standards (we are not only helping develop the IHE interoperability specs, but are participating in the HL7 FHIR standards development directly).

I hope this helps clarify the relationship. As one who has been active in this work for the last few years, I’m happy to answer questions, if you have them. :slight_smile:

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Well explained , sure it fully answers my question :wink:
Thanks @dritz