Reintroducing the HWR Community (FKA ILR/HWR), Next Call: August 20, 10 AM EDT

Dear all, The Combined ILR + HWR Community has updated our name to the Health Worker Registry (HWR) Community. Some of you will remember the HWR and Inter-liked Registry (ILR) Communities merged some time ago. We are maintaining the vision of the merged content under one community, but updating the community name to better reflect our overall purpose and meeting topics.

The next Health Worker Registry Community Call is scheduled for August 20, 10 AM EDT and future calls will be held the 3rd Thursday of every other month. Agenda topics for August 20th include 1) Discussion of the OpenHIE HWR Architecture Specification, 2) Updates from the recent IHE meeting, and 3) demo of the upcoming iHRIS v 5 release. Hope to see you there!