Reference Implementation OF the intergration of HIE components

We are also trying to Build and deploy a HIE system ,
where we are using openmrs as POC EMR , OpenHIM as midleware component , OpenEMPI a client Registry , XNAT and OpenMRS as SHR. i gave a description of the system here

from the conversation here , there are several openmrs modules talked about that can be used to intergrate with openEMPI ie

I also came across this video but the video gives less details about the other components and intergrations.

Is there an existing reference implementation of the whole components of HIE intergrated and any code references especially the custom openmrs modules to support the intergrations ??

cc @ryan , @Bender_Duane @carl @Fyfe_Justin , @daniel.futerman

Hi @mozzy, I was looking for some information about what folks are using as a client registry when I came across your post. We implemented a similar setup as the national HIE in Haiti, but there are some lessons we learned that we are now trying to correct. One of those is that OpenMRS is not scaling well as the SHR and we are correcting that with a FHIR-first SHR most likely using HAPI FHIR . Secondly, we are having trouble with OpenEMPI as the client registry due to restrictions in the licensing in scaling. Iā€™m curious if you have looked at other options for the SHR or the CR component?

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Hi all,
On a related note, we have just released a funding opportunity related to Client Registries:

Even if you are not interested in submitting an application, you can use our Open Application Process to provide comments and feedback to those who are submitting.



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