REBRANDING: Health Management Information System Community

Historically OpenHIE has hosted a subcommunity called Health Management Information System (HMIS). As the OpenHIE community has grown and member needs have changed its become apparent that this subcommunity needs to evolve. All of this to say that the HMIS leads (@bobj @morten) are proposing to change from a more component focused subcommunity to a practice area focused around functional routine reporting systems and analytics of aggregate data, called Routine Health Metrics Reporting & Analytics.

It would be great to hear if this new direction and branding resonates with the community so please feel free to comment or even just like this post if it does. If it doesn’t or you have comments on the renaming please also reply to this thread.

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Very intersting point - we are having similar discussions in the FIS (UHC) group at the moment.

I think that this will also be a question to the overall architecture: when you look at the national level, you might have an analytical platform at MoH (the classical HMIS, now mostly run on DHIS2), and you might have analytical platforms in e.g an Insurance Organisation (a corporate Business Intelligence platform that only resides in the Organisation). While the latter would contain very detailed analytical data to support management within the Insurance, the former would just receive e.g monthly aggregates on a few key-figures.

While technically the two are very similar (e.g. you could use DHIS2 for both), where would we place the corporate BI in the OpenHIE systems architecure? in HMIS or in FIS?

@uwe.wahser Thanks for this question. I would love to hear what other think.