Quickstart for deploying OpenHIE with OpenEHR or OpenMRS? Need open source ERP for AI use cases

OpenEMPI was shut down in 2016 due to a lack of open source contributions.

I would hate to see OpenHIE go the same route, so I am trying to find use cases for OpenHIE with my machine learning skills. I have been working with the team at OpenEHR, and we are figuring out which open source enterprise resource planning software is best to select for an initial pilot.

One specific use case: for population scale assessment of health disparity, data from OpenEHR needs to be linked to data from an ERP such as insurance status, race, ethnicity, and so on. This builds on my work predicting readmission (ClinicalBERT; published in 2020) and assessing health disparity with algorithmic fairness tools (more recent; PM me for the link!).

Are there any quickstart guides for deploying OpenHIE with an EHR instance such as EHRBase?

Thank you!

Jaan Altosaar, PhD
Columbia University Irving Medical Center
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
622 W 168th St PH-20 WS-10

Hello and thank you for reaching out to the OpenHIE community.

First, I want to share a bit more about OpenHIE and our approach and then I will point you toward some of the solutions that our community members are working on.

OpenHIE is a community that develops architecture patterns, not software. Having said that, we do have reference software that can support many of the architecture components. I recommend looking at OpenIMIS and DHIS2. In addition, there is a tool that helps spin up an HIE for exploration. It is called Instant OpenHIE.

I hope this is helpful in your work, please reach out if you have any additional questions!

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Hahaha - thanks for the pointer, Kasey - you were just faster than me! Yes, indeed, we spent some energy on the FHIR API layer for openIMIS and even use this as a link into our deep learning claims adjudication module. Happy to chat more about this, we could also get you into a call with the team working on that.

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