Question on Scalability

Hi, I am new to OpenHIE. Just trying to understand its scalability.

Can OpenHIE act as a Shared Health Record (SHR) backbone for a country-scale deployment for ~14K community clinics for a ~170M population?

What is the largest deployment of OpenHIE so far?

@admins @working_committee please can anyone help answering my previous question . it would be really helpful.

Hello. Thank you for your post. I apologize that I missed it.

I will provide an initial response, however I am not implementing anything at the moment. So I invite others in the community (@arch_review_board) to add their thoughts. It would be great if you could share a little more about the setting that you are working in and the goals of the project so that I can appropriately connect you to those implementing similar projects.

OpenHIE is an architected approach to health information exchange. While many in the community have software that align with this approach, OpenHIE is not a specific piece of software. Given that statement, some of the software being used in the community is share on the reference technology space. More specifically I believe Hapi and are being used as foundations for SHR and shared patient-level capabilities in some of the current projects.

I would like to invite you to some opportunities to engage with others about work that is happening across the community. Some of the meetings that will be happening in the new year where SHR and similar projects will be discussed include:

I hope this helps you get more connected to the community and those that are doing similar implementations.