Question around testing language used by OpenHIE developer community

Hi All

As we push to move the testing approach for OpenHIE forward we wanted to check in with the technical teams on the question of:
Are there any objections to using Gherkin as the test definition language? What are others using?


We’re using Gherkin for the OpenMRS test cases piloting with the OpenHIE test framework.

:+1: to Gherkin for readability of scenarios - OpenLMIS and PCMT both use it.

Though Gherkin and BDD can become a challenge for exactly the reason it’s useful: it separates the how from the why (of course - as do all abstractions - keep reading). I’ve seen that often results in scenarios being written in more of an imperative style rather than a declarative one when those over-focused on the how steer, and less frequently in it being so terse that it might as well have step 2 be “magic happens here” - usually when no one really understands an existing workflow or there’s disagreement about what’s important.

Getting it “right” can be a challenge, for most teams in my experience, and there’s really no way around the challenge: balancing the input to create the right abstraction for most.

For myself and the supply chain group I think we’re still wrapping our heads around the bigger picture of this testing within the OHIE architecture, do we have a resources page that starts with goals/vision/etc and dives in from there?