Proposed Architecture Diagram Change - CHMIS


  • Currently each of our OpenHIE workflows point to components on the OpenHIE digram.
  • Our current diagram lists “mobile” as a point of service system. Mobile is a type of technology that can include a cell or notebook amongst other things.
  • Several of the point-of care systems can be deployed via “mobile” technology.
  • Mobile may have been intended to convey community health systems or patient systems, but that is not clear.

We are in the process of detailing out some of the community health workflows and plan to have our first one ready for review in the next week or so. We intend to be specific about how the community health information system (CHIS) interacts with other types of point of care systems. Therefore we need a way to denote the CHIS.

Proposed Change
The proposal is to replace the current word “mobile” with “CHIS” in the OpenHIE Architecture Diagram. This clarifies the type of point-of-service application we are referring to rather than noting a type of device and allows for us to document the CHIS (Community Health Information Systems) workflows clearly. We note that we may need to make further clarifications to the diagram as patient device workflows become more relevant.

Next steps: Please respond with discussion. Once we have heard any comments from the group, we can proceed with a vote in the next week.

Thank you for your input as we prepare to document the CHIS workflows.

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