Privacy and security text for the specification

To: The OHIE Community and @arch_review_board

Note that the OpenHIE Privacy and Security Sub community has drafted a statement for the OpenHIE specification. The goal of the statement is to make positive steps toward emphasizing the importance of these topics in creation of software and implementation.

There are a few comments that still need to be addressed. I believe a couple of them are specifically addressed to @jstclair and @jamesm. @sgrannis, @costateixeira and @carl please let us know your approval and I ask that interested parties in the community take a look and address any final issues so that we can move to publication in the OpenHIE Architecture specification.


@jennifer.e.shivers I see you went through the comments I made. Biggest issue IMO is relating the work done in identity with Privacy at the end


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@dasefa @jstclair i wonder if this is a privacy and security topic that could be discussed at the upcoming OHIE22 event on Sept 21?

Topics are being collected here - Call for Unconference Topics - OHIE22

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