POC demo presentation

Hi all,

I’ve just been able to watch the presentation that Suranga gave about the POC demo. I have a few questions and general comments:

  • In the demo Suranga mentions that the IOL is causing a delay that is making the transactions take a long time. The OpenHIM should only introduce a few milliseconds delay when processing a request. If it is taking longer than this then there is likely some other problem with the environment (servers under spec’d, network issues etc). We could help you guys work through this if the problem persists but it’s unlikely that it coming from the OpenHIM directly.
  • I really don’t think we should be calling this a POC demo. It is really more of a test harness that exercises the workflows of OpenHIE. It doesn’t have any clinical relevance. I think a few people touched on this issue on the call and I think that calling it a POC demo contributed to the confusion. I renaming may be useful.
  • Lastly, I do really believe that having a full POC reference implementation that is designed for clinicians to use and exercises the OHIE workflows in the background would be extremely powerful. This would show what OHIE can really do and give users of all types (clinical or otherwise) a change to understand what would be gained by an OHIE implementation. I’d love to chat about this more within the OHIE communities, perhaps this is something we would like to shoot for in the future.



Ryan Crichton

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