Please update the Reference Technologies Wiki page

The OpenHIE Reference Technologies page is missing tools like OpenIMIS and GOFR. Also, tools like mAtches can be added.

Please check that the tools / software that your organization has created and make sure they are added and updated properly.

@arch_review_board @subcommunity_leads @ops_committee @vshioshvili

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@josh.zamor this is the post @jennifer.e.shivers was talking about around adding reference tech tools that can could then be tested when that process becomes available. @carl suggested a light validity check of tools. Lets continue the conversation here instead of on the wiki.

FYI @cjrusk

Thanks @jthomas and @jennifer.e.shivers,

@carl what sort of light validity check are we thinking of?

@josh.zamor I’m thinking that tools get raised in the appropriate sub-communities and the community gives a yay or nay. basically the community members of the sub community are probably closest to knowing what it means to be X tool/component. When that is done just to inform Architecture community of selection and give the ok. Architecture community is to validate the sub-community finding as a bit of a governance approach to keep a coordination across the space but not authoritarian dictatorship like control :wink:

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Thanks @carl. It’s a bit of the tail wagging the dog as I’ve been central to both definition and tool creation, however the topic could certainly be raised with those that do join.

Hi @josh.zamor I’ve been rethinking my view on this and I feel that i’ve introduced more “admin” than necessary – I’d suggest to go ahead and list the tools as we are actually curating a tool list and until we have a way of empirically testing then there is no need for an overly designed administrative check.