Partner Spotlight: Vital Wave

Vital Wave is a professional services firm that focuses on the use of digital to advance global development. This organization provides services to design and scale digital technology in resource-constrained environments.

Vital Wave is an official OpenHIE Partner Organization!

This firm plays a role on OpenHIE Leadership Committee as an active leader and advocate for the community. They also engage with OpenHIE subcommunities like the Facility Registry, Patient Identity Management, Terminology Services, and the OpenHIE Implementers Network to align with the firm’s active support to national implementation projects.

Vital Wave serves as an ambassador for the community, making relevant connections to OpenHIE for prospective members and helping explain the vision and resources that OpenHIE makes available.

Want to learn more about Vital Wave’s contributions to OpenHIE and the digital health community? Check out their partner page on the OpenHIE website: Vital Wave - OpenHIE

cc: @dtreatman