OpenXDS Latest source code and community

I’m interested in the OpenXDS project and was hoping you might be able to give some guidance on where to look for the latest version.

I’m trying to find if there is a community around the OpenXDS project. It seems the original project is no longer active. Is this the community group for OpenXDS?

This branch for the OpenXDS looks good, but is this the latest one?

There seem to be 17 forks for this project and it’s also mentioned that “These additions were done to enable the use of OpenXDS as an XDS registry for the OpenSHR project which is a reference tool for OpenHIE.”

So actually is the OpenSHR the project I should be looking at?

It seems also that there is a docker container by University of Washington

pointing to which doesn’t really mention the source but might be the jembi/openxds project.

Thanks for any responses on this topic. Looking forward to your answers.




Unfortunately, I don’t think there is an active group maintaining OpenXDS. The work that we did in our fork was last work that I’m aware of for OpenXDS, however we aren’t maintaining it anymore or using it in the OpenSHR project either. We have moved on to using a FHIR server as a Shared Health Record in our cases. (




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