OpenHIM Support

Hi All,

The OpenHIM community has been reviewing current support processes and the various channels where support requests are logged. We’ve been making use of OpenHIE Discourse informally as a support channel for some time, but would like to share that we plan to use OpenHIE Discourse as the go-to platform for those looking for help with the OpenHIM.

If you have a question that relates to the use/configuration/implementation of the OpenHIM, please feel free to post it here on Discourse, using the #openhim tag (we will also be monitoring the #interoperability-layer and #technical-assistance tags for relevant queries).

For developers looking to log bugs and/or feature requests, you can also add an issue to Github:

For additional help/support resources please visit the OpenHIM site: OpenHIM help | OpenHIM


Thank you for sharing this update @daniel.futerman!