OpenHIM Mediator Sharing and Contribution

I am new to the community but have been involved OpenHIE in general and OpenHIM(interoperability layer) in particular. I (with my team) have been engaged on development of BSC like automation system fo regional health bureau and after discussions and attending OpenHIE discussion event we took the initiative to develop integration with DHIS2 through OpenHIM by developing mediator. In short, can you clarify the following points:

  1. Is sharing mediators considered contribution and if so how to add it to the mediators library?

  2. Is there any guideline or any thing related that explains(giving emphasis to mediators reusability by other developers with similar goal) sharing mediators and using already existing mediators

Thank You.


Hi @haftamu.k, that’s great to hear, we welcome these types of contributions to the OpenHIM.
We have a page on the OpenHIM website listing public/community mediators:

At this point, your mediator should be automatically listed here if it is on a public Github repo and follows the naming convention where the repo name starts with “openhim-mediator”.

We do encourage users to check the mediator library to see if there are any existing mediators that can be reused or adapted to suit their needs, before developing a new mediator.

Hope that helps.


Hi @daniel.futerman, yes that helped. once it is in public gitHub repo it shall be discover, following the naming conventions! That is nice. I did’t know that. It is good to know that there are things I can explore then. Its by luck that the mediator I am working on follows the naming convention(I was just exploring existing mediators and I thought to name the mediator with similar naming pattern).
May be the discovery scan is once a week or month, its not added in the library. By the way I am more of interested on how the community works in the mentioned points, I mean I am not insisting to add the mediator in the mediators list(its not even complete, Its just a work in progress)

So back to my main agenda. Can you point me to specifications of mediator development and principles(Or best practices or anything similar) to encourage mediator reusability. If there is nothing written we can discuss them all in here!


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Thanks @haftamu.k I’ll look into the issue to see why the mediator isn’t displayed in the list, it’s usually synced periodically.

In terms of mediator specifications, we have a set of tutorials on mediator development that make use of a set of publicly available bootstrap mediators containing basic mediator content structure etc.: This page also has additional information on developing mediators:


@haftamu.k, We found a minor problem with how we display mediators on the Mediator Library page, this issue has been resolved and will be available on next update. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention