OpenHIE Shared Health Record and Interoperability Layer - Conference Call Monday 11th February at 4pm CAT / 9am EST

Hi All

Thank to all who participated in the Doodle poll. As there will be a
meeting next week in Indianapolis following the Connectathon, the first call
will be on Monday 11th February at 4pm CAT / 9am EST. (other time zones).

(conference line and participant code to be confirmed)


**Agenda **

  1. Project admin -brief over view of the projects’ repositories,
    wiki and mailing lists and proposed call schedule - LT

  2. Update on work to date on both projects and general approach and
    methodology - CF

  3. Feedback from the Connectathon and discussions at Regenstrief -

  4. Any Other business

After a bit of brainstorming, our proposed new names for
the community-oriented project is OpenHIX (open Health Information eXchange)
or OpenHXL
(Health-data exchange Layer) : any other suggestions are welcome and
we will make the decision on the call.

Please also forward this email to anyone who you think may be
interested in joining this discussion.

Best regards