OpenHIE Provider Registry Community Call: November 27th @ 10:00am EST: Agenda and Conference Bridge

Greetings All,

Please find below the agenda and conference bridge details for our upcoming call. Click

to view the Google document version on the OpenHIE wiki page. Tomorrow’s call will focus largely on the Implementation Guide and a discussion on the Provider Registry and mHealth applications in advance of the mHealth Summit . If you have any
additional topics that you would like to discuss during this call, please let me know and I would be happy to add same to the agenda.


  1. Welcome Intro- Dykki

  2. Country Updates

  3. Dissemination Updates

a. Dykki- Third Global Forum on HRH

  1. Global Standards Updates- Connectathon Chicago 2014

  2. mHealth Discussion

         a. Who’s going to mHealth Summit
         b. Provider Registry support for and Use cases for mHealth applications
         c. Authorization/authentication
  3. Provider Registry Implementation Guide

         a. TOC
         b. Outreach to in country implementations
  4. AOB

Upon joining the call, I would appreciate it if you would add your name and organization to the document so that we are better able to keep track of participants:

OpenHIE Provider Registry Community Call
10:00 – 11:00 am EST/ 4:00-5:00 CAT
Passcode – 34048002#
The numbers to call are:
US: 800-220-9875
Norway: 800-142-85
Ireland: 800-625-002
Canada: 800-221-8656
South Africa 0-800-982-555
International (Not Toll-free) 1-302-709-8332
For additional toll free country numbers ** click


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