OpenHIE IOL/SHR Community Call - Tue. June 21 at 4pm GMT+2 - CANCELED

The OpenHIE IOL/SHR Call for Tuesday, June 21 has been canceled and will resume in July.

If you have agenda topics for the July call, please feel free to propose them here or in the [meeting notes] 2022-07-19 Interoperability Layer Call - Resources - OpenHIE Wiki

@gloria.makeleni I haven’t updated the agenda… but wondering if @ryan @daniel.futerman and the Jembi team would still be interested in exploring your current integration use case and how you’re leveraging Apache Kafka with OpenHIM?
(I’m currently in Oslo for the DHIS2 conference and have been discussing with teams here about OpenFn queueing functionality and exploring use cases that compare OpenFn vs. Kafka… as well as potential Kafka-OpenFn combined scenarios. We’ve been looking specifically at RapidPro-DHIS2 integration use cases… but the conversations around design patterns are relevant for a wide range of use cases.)

Let us know! Also happy to resume the conversation in July
cc @taylordowns2000