OpenHIE Implementers Network and Mailing List

The OpenHIE community has recently started an OpenHIE Implementers Network (OHIN) as a forum for countries and implementers to discuss questions, problems and ideas unique to implementing OpnHIE. OHIN aims to support three identified user groups:

  • Country implementers of OpenHIE
  • Health service and system domain experts interested in understanding and enriching the value of OpenHIE for their domain
  • Developers wanting to adopt and implement OpenHIE standards.

If this is of interest, please feel free to subscribe to the OHIN and then post any questions or contributions to the OHIN mailing list as detailed, below (need to subscribe first before posting):



The OHIN team would be grateful for any feedback, contributions or suggestions that you might have.

We are also in the process of building out the OHIN Wiki with resources that may be useful for OpenHIE implementers. If you have any assets that you would like to share or discuss via the mailing list, please feel free to add with a few lines of description to the OHIN Wiki under the Resources heading:

Kind Regards,

The OHIN Team