OpenHIE implementation Assistance

Hi- Im working on a project that intends to setup a telehealth platform that connects to a health exchange and we came across OpenHIE.

Our goal is to connect medical providers , labs and pharmacies on the telehealth platform to the HIE to OpenMRS for our core (my guess as how to implement.

Looking for advise from the group on how to solution/implement this setup.

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Welcome to OpenHIE. I wanted to share our basic architecture patters for data exchange. These include some patterns for lab data. We also have an architecture community and a lab community where such challenges can be described and the team can share lessons learned on completed projects or get suggestions and comments on designs or work in progress.

Welcome. Please feel free to share more detailed needs or requests.

cc: @daniel.futerman @janflowers

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Hi @edtele,

Would you by any chance have an architecture diagram our flowchart to share?